Mont Blanc 100 mile run -  the toughest of them all

I have been heavily involved in the sport and exercise community for over 30 years as a PE teacher, rugby player and coach, ultra-runner and cyclist. Adventure is always on the agenda and my two year cycling trip around the world was the biggest adventure of them all.

I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and specialise in Running and Cycling coaching, Weight Loss and Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning and Sport Specific Training. I also have a BA in Exercise Psychology and Physiology.
I have competed in numerous challenges, from city marathons including London 7 times, New York and Munich to muddy obstacle races. From half marathons and 3 day multi-sport adventure racing to 26 hour solo bike rides covering 275 miles. However, the greatest challenges have been the 100+ mile ultramarathons  such as the 120 mile Devon Coast to Coast and the world’s toughest endurance race, the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail 160km in France. With a 9600m elevation gain it took just over 40 hours to complete with no sleep and little food in 35 degrees heat. I truly discovered the “pleasure” of being in a near-permanent state of exhaustion.
So it's not surprising that your personal training sessions with me will be exciting, challenging and unpredictable. I will always endeavour to make it fun, rewarding and achievable but without the challenge you won't see the change you desire. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to take your training to the next level then I'll give you the professional support you need to achieve your goals.
The success of my exercise programme for you is inextricably linked to correctly balancing exercise with nutrition. Whatever your goals are, you won't get there by putting the wrong "fuel in the tank". My advice is based on scientific rigour and not the latest fad diet.
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 Over 40 hrs of running and walking, up and down 1000m+ and no sleep in 2 nights. With 35 degree heat I was drinking and cooling off in mountain streams

The Welsh Dragon Devil 189 mile cycle 

A day of rain, wind and mighty landscapes that stretched forever (if you could see them !). A very challenging 10,000 feet+ of climb in 12hrs 45 mins  

120 mile run across Devon.My longest run to date

Wales my first 100 miler 

3hrs 9 mins in 2009.Wanted under 3hrs but the hot weather had other plans

The Greenman 45 mile circular run around Bristol

Some of my Marathon medals. Best time 3 hrs 

Stunning route in the Yorkshire Dales

Cotten shirt and a dodgy calf. Just finish it

Nothing like a muddy obstacle race!

 Plenty of mud - the Sodbury Slog

Fastest Half Marathon. A different form of 'enjoyment' as the pace is relenting

A testing Cotswolds and Severn Valley ride 

Cycling at sunset in the Australian outback, part of a 23,500 Km world cycle trip

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