As individuals we spend thousands of pounds a year on our homes, bills, smartphones, holidays and socialising. 
But what about our health?

As a nation we are more obese, unfit and suffering with back pain than ever before.
Our diets are loaded with sugars and "bad" fats
There is so much contrary opinion on the internet about getting fit and losing weight that you end up drowning in information.
So what do you do now to make changes to your current lifestyle ?
Personal training is one route but what do you really get when you invest your time and finances?
It's often difficult to maintain motivation when you exercise on your own.
Regular sessions with me will enhance your motivation to continue your lifestyle change as I will make it fun and challenging. 
Another common problem is lack of commitment to a regular exercise program.
When you exercise on your own, it is easier to skip a session here and there or stop completely as there's no one to hold you accountable for your actions. When you work with me I will keep you accountable, so you will stick with your training program.
I will teach you a variety of exercise methods, which can keep you from getting bored and inspire you to learn more.
As your fitness level improves this variety will be key to continual progress and meeting your goals.
Let me make the most of your workout time and so increase the efficiency of your exercise program.
This is especially beneficial when you have a limited amount of time to exercise. 

Teaching you the proper way to perform each exercise is vital. 
It reduces your risk of injury and gives you confidence to do the exercises on your own at home or in the gym
Opting in for Personal Training all depends on your lifestyle priorities. 
Get a double benefit - save money on your food and alcohol bills while reducing your weight and improving your fitness
Buying my services is all part of your change for a healthier lifestyle. Commit to investing in your health. 
Contact me now and I'll start getting you in shape while raising your energy levels and fitness.
 Personal Training is not a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to genuinely invest in your NEW healthier lifestyle. 
I offer five subscriptions that work on a monthly basis.

I can also build you a bespoke package if required 


Subscription is per person per month
If you want to train with a friend or partner then take 10% off the subscription price 
Payment by Direct Debit or Online Transfer
Why not buy a Personal Training Gift Certificate for a friend or family member ?
It's a great way to support them as they make the change to that NEW healthier lifestyle they desire.
You can buy an hours Personal Training with a Consultation, Fitness test and Nutrition advice for just £40.
Alternatively choose one of the subscriptions above . The most popular one is the 3 month Winner package
Contact me to find out how I can help you achieve your goals