1. TH, Bristol
    TH, Bristol
    "I've had back problems for a long time and since working with Fraser I have noticed a very significant improvement. I would wholeheartedly recommend him. He has a great depth of experience".
  2. Rob Branch
    Rob Branch
    "Fraser is a top-class personal trainer and all round fitness and well-being mentor. His sessions are varied, challenging and goal focused. I have taken almost an hour off my 100 mile cycling PB and now regularly come in the top 5% in running races, while also improving my all-round strength and physique".
  3. Jules McBride
    Jules McBride
    "I've loved the first three sessions. They have been a challenge but that is exactly what I wanted. The workouts have been diverse and you have done a great job explaining both the correct technique and the benefits "
  4. Aaron Mo
    Aaron Mo
    "Thanks for all the PT. I feel that I have rehabilitated and improved faster with your help! "
  1. Maria Nieves
    Maria Nieves
    "It is evident from your effort in every class that you clearly enjoy your job. Your classes are excellent and the workouts very hard, but I love them”
  2. LD, Bristol
    LD, Bristol
    “I'd become bored with the gym. Fraser responded to my own goals and kick-started me back into fitness with challenging workouts and fresh ideas . He is friendly, enthusiastic and professional”
  3. Lily Matorin
    Lily Matorin
    "Thank you so much for the past 4 months marathon training. I'm so lucky I met you and you could train me .Everything you said is on repeat in my mind.This is a very special experience and you gave me all the tools"
  4. Lou Davis
    Lou Davis
    "You have been a fantastic PT and fitness mentor, as well as lots of fun to work with. I always looked forward to our sessions"
  1. Toni Smith
    Toni Smith
    "You've been an amazing trainer for me. Always flexible, understanding and mindful of my situation."
  2. Tristan Roperto
    Tristan Roperto
    "Inspite of his countless achievements, Fraser is very much the definition of a humble, wise, modest and selfless mentor."
  3. Isabelle Leong
    Isabelle Leong
    "Being 80kgs at 22 years old required a change. He guided me through gym sessions and consultations to help me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a serious and committed trainer, Fraser is definitely the ONE to help you reach your goals."
  4. Jackie Downes
    Jackie Downes
    "I'd never used a PT before but decided to try it for a few weeks and got hooked. Fraser has taught me loads, I cant recommend him highly enough. Give him a go, you wont regret it"



 It would be impossible to overstate how grateful I am for all your help. It's not short of a modern day miracle that within a 12 month period you have helped me run 5k and compete in a powerlifting event. .Extraordinary !! Thank you for all your kindness, patience, optimism and boundless positivity. Your help really does make all the difference
Paris Marathon 2017
Thank you for all your time, patience, guidance and advice. Without your input I would never have finished the race.
Next time I suggest a challenge like that please try and talk me out of it. That will save a lot of pain in the long run ( no pun intended)
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